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Stephen Ekure Takow Medical Doc December 3, 2014
Its had been more than a year now since you left us but it feels like you haven't really gone. I still see images of you in my head reading out lecture notes or calling out names or laughningly cracking out jokes in our class at UBLock....Prof you inspired a whole generation of doctors at UB. You always had the best ideas. You were always perfect in your approach. I used to wonder if you were really human. Some may say we have lost you but no, I say you live on. Your legacy is in each one of us (Class of 2012). I am glad to have crossed your paths. You still remain the best Dean is hard to say these words but we all miss you. We regret not having you around to see what we are capable of doing now. in peace.
Melvin Taylor Good Man April 20, 2014
I had the pleasure of meeting Peter in Kyle Texas in 2004. He was a very humble man though he was very presticious he treated me as an equal. Wonderful man. I sorry for your lost. Non-the-less I am great ful to have met a great Ambassador of the motherland. I am a New Yorker but after meeting Peter he awakened the idea of being a world citizen. God Bless his soul!
Alexis Kafando PhD student Virology&Immunology- UdeM CANADA July 11, 2013
C'est une très grande tristesse que nous avons tous appris le rappel à Dieu de notre père et maître, l'imminent Professeur Peter Matins NDUMBE. J'associe ma voie à l'ensemble des étudiants  et scientifiques qu'il a formé durant son parcours sur cette terre pour présenter à sa famille et à ses collègues mes sincères et vives condoléances. Puisse Dieu, le tout puissant, connaissant la droiture de l'homme qu'il est, l'accueillir pour le répos éternel. Amen!!!
Evelyn Lumngwena Research Assistant July 5, 2013
RIP Prof, it is hard to belief. One thing is clear; Heroes never die. YOur spirit will forever remain with us. 
Nicole Mbarga Medecin July 5, 2013
C'est avec profond emmoi que j'ai assiste a vos funerailles.Je n'arrive toujours pas a y croire. Tout est arrive si soudainement..Je remercie le Seigneur de m'avoir inspire 07 annees durant a travers vous.Merci pour toutes les connaissances transmises,merci pour tout.Vous etiez un doyen, un administrateur, un pere et un ami formidable. Que la terre de vos ailleux vous soit legere....
I miss you so much Pr Peter M Ndumbe
Yaah Gladys Shang Viban Just one July 1, 2013

This poem speaks my heart on who Prof Ndumbe was, and on the legacy he leaves behind…touching lives, changing lives, inspiring hope and possibility….To you Dear Prof

Just One

One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.


One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal


One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom

One smile can change your day


One step must start each journey.
One breath must end that journey.
One life can make a difference,
You see, it’s up to you!

Unknown (culled and adapted)


Prof’s life did make a difference

To great and small alike

I’m glad I got to know him

I’m glad our paths did cross

I think I grew a tad bit wiser,

I know my spirit grew richer

I learned to love, to laugh, and yes, to smile

Your smile was so contagious

And never left you indifferent


Yes,your life made a difference

To me and many others….

So if his life touched yours too,

Just smile when you think of him…

May the softest angels attend you Prof…

As you are heavenward bound…


Yaah Gladys Shang Viban

Nkwentie Terence Gone with the smile July 1, 2013



Still bewildered, shocked, annoyed, displeased but I can't ask God why should a father, mentor and above all senior friend leave the scene so soon? We were united by the love for our alma mater and it became a relationship I could have done everything not to loose. I was your foot soldier for more than 6 years when you were at the helm of the Bali Old Boys Association (BOBA) Yaounde and even in the midst of your tight schedule at home or abroad, you always gave us a listening ear and acted promptly. You bridged the gap between the young and the old with brio. You even offered me a source of livelihood during my darkest days though I preferred staying with my old trade. You taught me servant leadership. I pleaded with you to become the President General of BOBA and put on the national scene the transformation that BOBA Yaounde experienced under your leadership. When I asked to know the major problem facing BOBA leadership you told me we were waning because most of our leaders lacked a potent dose of humility. From that assessment I added humility to servanthood in leadership. In life as a whole I learnt HARDWORK from you prof. You did whatever you had to do with a lot of devotion and commitment. No doubt you received several honours on this side of eternity because I know you are at the other side of eternity. Your opening remarks were always punctuated with biblical references. It wasn't lip service. Your actions were clear proof of your faith in God.  I will never forget that smile the younger generation cherished so much because you could realize it was coming from the heart. You made sure we ate to our fill and even had take-aways. We nicknamed you our President for life. It started as a joke but almost became a reality when many were of the opinion that you run the group from the South West region. We will continue to miss you but your footprints are still in gold. May the Most High grant fortitude to the bereaved family. OH WHAT A LOSS!

Nkwentie Terence


Hello Grand Frere PM,

Greetings from this end. I am sure you are doing fine, and we know that we shall all, one day, go over to where you are now. Just keep being the Grand Frere that you have been, and prepare the way for us.

See you sometime,

Your Petit frere,
Mandi Anyangwe MD Tribute to Mola One Pound! June 24, 2013
Its taken me forever to put these few words on your funeral page. I owe this to my concience, to YOU and to GOD. Your Death was a life's way of telling me i'm FIRED (lol) and so much more beyond that.
I will forever remember one of your very challenging sermons in PC Bota sometime in 2010 about GIVING; relentlessly and tiredlessly. "MOLA 1 Pound" was the theme of your message. Just like the widow in the bible who had nothing, you tried to break it down for every one in the congregation to understand. Amongst many, the most important lesson i learnt from you was about your generosity and love for God. No matter what, ive learned to put God first in all my endeavours. I admired every sunday how your parents were graciously brought to church and how effectively you tried to reach out to others beyond cultural backgrounds and profession most especially in our congregation. You were the back bone behind so many projects in our church, most recently, the construction of the maginificient "Manse" (Pastors House)
Only God Knows why he took you so soon. Thank you for helping my Dad, and brother through your medical advice and Referrals. I owe this to you, and the promise i made to God, to follow up my brothers health issue until the very end. Thanks for the words of encouragement and Career advice you gave to ma big sis (Akam) and I while relocating to the US, we stood by it.

I know for certain that we never lose the people we Love and Care about, Not even to death. You will continue to participate in every act and thought and decision we make. Your Kindness leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. I find comfort in knowing that my life has been enriched by having shared your Kindness and devotion to God.
When a heart grieves of what it has lost, the Spirit rejoices over what it has left. 
My Sincere condolence to your entire family, friends, and Loved Ones!
Adieu Mola 1 Pound!

Mandi Anyangwe MD,USA
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