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Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

“My Ndumbe”! ”My Own Ndumbe!”

When the tragic news of your death was broken to me, I was shocked, devastated and confused.  I had never known you to be sick, let alone dying.  So you can understand my confused state when I had to ask if it was my Ndumbe or some other person when I got the tragic news.  As an old man I had presumed that I will be given the most befitting burial by you and your siblings knowing how well you can do things.

Somehow, the natural order of things has been reversed.  Now I find myself weakened by age , I am burying you! Hmmm!

I have watched you grow from a humble obedient little boy to a national and international statesman.  Somehow, I knew that you did not belong to me alone.  Over the years I have learnt to let you go as your job took you to all parts of the world.  You have touched hearts, transformed lives and you brought many more children to me.  For that, Ndumbe, I thank you very much.  Since it is the will of God to take you to Himself at this time, I totally and completely surrender to His will.  Go in peace my son.

Your father,

Chief Martin Ndumbe KEPE

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

Papa Ndumbe, part of me has died with you and I will never be the same again.  

A few natural events had occurred to me, such as seeing myself entertaining so many guests in my dreams, going to the village and asking that the compound should be kept clean because many people are coming.  Little did I know that all these events were preparing me for the most distressing news in my entire life.

Papa Ndumbe, you were a son indeed.  You took care of me and your father with such care and kindness – I could not be jealous of a queen because you made me feel like one.

I remember the last time I spoke to you was in April 2013 when your junior brother called you and we spoke and you said you were in South Africa for treatment because of a problem with your left arm.  Your brother went further to say that “Mama, Prof went to South Africa for a meeting and then decided to go in for a medical checkup. It was diagnosed that he had a problem with the left arm so he was undergoing treatment”.  I remember you confirming this statement by your brother.  But my mind told me there was something wrong somewhere. At last this was actually confirmed on Thursday 16th May when the terrible news of your death was broken to me.

Papa, you lavished me with comfort and people to care for my needs in your absence.  Each time you went, you would call asking after our welfare.  This time though when you never called, the instincts of a mother told me that something was seriously wrong.  Papa Ndumbe you are gone, but I know that the Papa Ndumbe I gave birth to nurtured and breastfed is still alive inside me.

Now that you have gone, may the good Lord grant you eternal peace and rest.

Your mother,

Fanny Fese KEPE

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

I really do not know what to say because there was a lot of lost time between us but it does not change the fact that you had my interest at heart. I learned a lot from you.  You were very intelligent, hardworking and always wanted the best in life. I am happy I spent time with you before you left us.

We created a bond during that period that I will forever cherish in my heart. Thank you for listening to me during that time and thank you for making an effort. It means the world to me. Thank you for doing your best for me. Thank you for being there for Mommy during her most difficult times. I will forever be grateful. I will miss you and I love you.

Your daughter

Eva Sobila R. Ndumbe

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

Dear Dad,

I do not know what to say, honestly, but I guess I will start with a thank you. Thank you for all that you did in my life. You have done so much.   You put me in a good school, you brought me up in the right way to be a good child and taught me a lot about life. You even taught me how to knot my first tie and you did it with so much pride.  Well, you did not even have to teach me so many things, I just learnt from watching you because you did everything so skillfully and so well.

 I could have never imagined you leaving me so early.  It just took us by surprise but I guess life is full of surprises.  I will miss you a lot.  My life will never be the same daddy. It is just me and mommy now so I have to take care of her.  I have to be the man now.  A lot of little things will change so much.  I will never be able to say I have a dad again. You will never be forgotten. You were a great man and you affected a lot of people’s lives far and near, and we are all grateful for that and proud of you.  This is hard because I am not good at expressing myself on writing but I think I am doing okay so far.

I believe you are in a better place now, in the loving arms of our Lord Jesus Christ and I pray you rest in peace.  I love you daddy.

Your Son,

Seth Ndumbe.

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013


In you I had a brother, a father and a friend.  For all the time you have been around you were the perfect example to emulate.  You were loving, lovable, disciplined, intelligent, a perfect gentleman and a workaholic.  You were so devoted to our parents, our sister and myself, and were always a sincere comfort and cover.  I grew up in your home in Yaoundé and your principles did not allow you to let something wrong to stand unchallenged.  It is this principle in you that I remember so strongly and would always want to follow.

Your demise has left a great vacuum in our modest family especially when I see our Mum and Dad and wonder what pain goes through them.  I wish someone will reassure us that all this is just one of those bad dreams.

Alas, every passing second, minute, hour and day the thorny reality of your passing away keeps mocking us, shattering our hearts to bits.  I feel the weight of the grief on the faces of all the family members you had toiled to uplift in life and today you are no longer there to partake in the joy of their achievements which you relentlessly and selflessly labored for.

My wife and kids have not come to terms with this sudden departure.

I am so lucky and proud to be your brother, son and friend and however remain grateful for the years we shared together.

You loved God so much. We all know you as a very private person and loving man whose quiet faith guided your actions, words and deeds.  You strove always to be the best you could, professor, brother, father, son, friend etc.

I am also so grateful that I was able to spend precious time with you when you were in the hospital in South Africa. When I left you in hospital in South Africa for Cameroon, you were okay but for your left hand which needed special attention.

While in Cameroon, you spoke with Mama and reassured her that you will be fine.  We spoke over the phone when I arrived Addis Ababa, and you requested to talk to your nieces – my daughters, the next day.  Unfortunately that was impossible because I only received a call from the hospital in South Africa that you had another stroke.

You were reassuring but it happened too fast.

Your life has been punctuated with a series of successes and great achievements.  It is true you had many more projects; professional, social and family.  However, The Almighty God you served thought you have done enough.

I am comforted by the fact that you left this world knowing and acknowledging GOD as your Personal Lord and Savior.

It is hard to say Goodbye, so I prefer to say so-long.


May you find Peace in GOD’S arms.

Your Brother,


Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013



Let someone wake me up if I am dreaming.

Brother, you knew how to live and embrace every moment.  You had a lot of great qualities but the most endearing to me was to get people to open up.

You made me always feel comfortable enough to share my worries and you at all times gave me assurance.

Brother, you accomplished so much in your life time but unfortunately your life was not long enough to enable you fulfill all your dreams.  You were always there for the family.  You toiled so much, cared and shared so much.  Never did we think you will leave us so soon.

I am proud and glad that I had the opportunity to spend quality time with you during your last days. I will never forget how incredibly grateful you were towards the support you had from me while in hospital.  Even in pain you managed to say, “thank you Etok”.  You were all I could ask for in a brother-in-law.  It has been a wonderful privilege to have known you.

Brother, I cannot over emphasize how much we prayed for your recovery.

I remember vividly your hugs and goodbyes at the hospital in South Africa when I was leaving to go back to London.

I remember our last conversion over the phone and that goodbye.  Little did I know it was forever.

Brother, may you rest in the hands of the LORD who Gives and Takes.

Rest in Perfect Peace.



Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013


It was very devastating and heart breaking when I got the news that you were no more.  It is not only hard to believe but very shocking.  I am still struggling to accept the reality of the sad news because little did I know you were on your way out when I talked to you on Saturday May 11th, 2013 after my trip from the village.

Never-the-less, I do give thanks to the Almighty God who made it possible for me to talk with you on that day.  I remembered you said that “Lucella I will call on Sunday to talk to you again”. Little did I know it was our last conversation.

It is hard to lose a brother especially when he was in the prime of his life.  Being the last of three children, I had a very strong connection to my two senior brothers.  Brother, you taught me how important family is and demonstrated that by always being there for me and my children.  I do appreciate all that you did for the children and our parents.

You touched so many lives in this world in different ways.  You have created a big gap in my life and that of the family that will never be closed but I know it is the will of God and we have no authority to question Him.

Brother, I am still to recover from this sad news because I never knew you will leave this world so soon especially when our mum and dad are still living. Since it is the will of God, let it be.  We love you brother but our Almighty Father loves you most. May He grant you a perfect rest. AMEN


Your sister,

Lucella Kepe 

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

My Prof!

How will I tell this story?  How do I begin?  It is hard to believe that you are gone, gone with the wind to be seen no more in this world.  It is a hard nut to swallow. 

You were a wonderful friend.  You were a very kind man.  You were loving and caring.  You always tried as much as possible to give your best in every situation.  I am proud to say you were always there for me. 

I am very thankful to God for the time I spent with you in South Africa when you fell ill. When I left South Africa, you were doing much better and we were all comforted. Talking to you over the phone was relieving and you sounded very well. Little did I know it was the last time I would hear your voice.

 The telephone call that knocked me off my feet came on Monday 13th, informing us that you had become so sick again that morning.  I prayed to God to heal and preserve you. I prayed and I prayed.  But The Almighty God has the final say.  On Tuesday 14th May, we got the most horrifying news.  We were hurt; it tore our hearts apart and brought us into a dream world.

I just want to thank God for your life.  I thank God for having caused you to know Him and to serve Him.  I thank God for all He gave you the Grace and ability to accomplish.  I thank God for all He used you to do in the lives of others.  I thank God for the positive difference you always made.  You never looked at people`s status in life to help them,  Whether rich, whether poor, whether short, whether tall, whether from the north, south, east or west, you gave all equal opportunity. I thank God for you, because you taught me to always put others before myself in every situation.   I admired you for all of these rare qualities.

Now you are gone; gone so quickly according to the will of GOD.  Let His Name be glorified.  I will always be in recognizance of your love, your kindness and care.  

Rest Prof., rest in the loving arms of your Lord Jesus where there is only laughter, joy, happiness, peace and most especially praises and worship which you loved so much to do.   You will be greatly missed.

So long,


Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013


If wishes were roses, then, I, Aggie (as you would call me) would have wished the Lord Almighty to bring you back to us.  But since this is not the case, we accept the will of God which has fallen upon us all. 

Like the passage in the book of Jeremiah which says “The will or decisions of God Almighty do not bring to us disaster, hatred but love and peace”, yes, to those of us you have left behind we will have love and peace because that is what you would have wished for us.  Adieu.


Your sister,

KEPE Agnes Emangah

Egbe Monjimbo May 27, 2013

Uncle, it cannot be a smile.  Tears are rolling down my cheeks, there is pain in my heart. Uncle, you may be gone physically but in my heart, and in our hearts, you are still live.

My beloved uncle, your sudden departure has filled my heart with so much that a book cannot contain. The pieces of advise you gave me in 2011 will never be forgotten – Never!

Thank you uncle, may The Lord Almighty guide you into His Kingdom.

Your nephew

Peter Bisong

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